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I am a graphic designer with a penchant for finding engaging, creative solutions to visual problems in print and web design.

My name is Maria Clarke.


News and Updates

More AnaBus /// October 12, 2011

The Anabus website now has content and can be viewed here. The final version of the website should be up and running within the next week! As for future projects, I will be soon be posting my card designs as the holidays are fast approaching.



Below you will find a sampling of my best and most recent work. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates to this section as I add more work to my portfolio.


Video Game Commemorative Stamp Collection

A stamp collection celebrating different types of gaming consoles.

Arcadia University Holiday Card

The Arcadia University Holiday Card for 2010. The design reflects the schools position as the top university in the country for study abroad.

Arcadia University Thanksgiving Day Card

The Arcadia University Thanksgiving Day Card for 2010.

LightBook product guide

A 'z' fold booklet explaining the function of a Lightbook, a product I designed to help children cope with nyctophobia. Photo courtesy of Katy Gosda.

Lion and the Mouse

An illustration from a retelling of Aesop's fable the Lion and the Mouse. If you'd like to see the full book, you may download a pdf file of it here.

The underground treehouse

The cover of the first issue of The Underground Treehouse, a literary magazine created by a friend of mine.


Voices of Change

A logo for the organization Voices of Change, a group that promotes awareness about human slavery and trafficking. You can check out their facebook page here.

Edo Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

A logo for a mock Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. You can check out its corresponding website by clicking here, or in the web section.


BYOB- Turn over a new leaf

BYOB back drink green tea

A canvas bag entered in AIGA's BYOB competition about nutrition. The type was carved out of lineoleum and hand-stamped onto the bag's surface.

Outlaw Microbrew Beer

A microbrew beer inspired by the outlaws of the Wild West.

Status Magnets

Status Magnets close up

Part of a project where I had to observe people in a given space (in this case, a laundromat) and design something that would make them use that space differently. I had noticed that many people were frustrated by machines that appeared to work, but then didn't. The status magnets were a way for them to label which machines worked and which didn't. Photo courtesy of Katy Gosda.

WEB ///



My senior thesis at Arcadia, a website with animated ecards that are strange and fun. (requires flashplayer to view)


edoshushi japanese cuisine and sushi bar

A website I created for a mock sushi restaurant. (requires flash player to view)

That Sucks Day

An ecard created to celebrate National "That Sucks Day". (requires flash player to view)

Social Networking Galaxy

An exercise in interactive infographics, based on the total amount of registered users on various social networking websites. (requires flash player to view)

Office Ninja

A flash animated short about Shin Obi, a ninja who works in an office. View the video on YouTube here.


About Me

Hi, I'm Maria

I'm a graphic designer currently based out of PA. I received a BFA in graphic design from Arcadia University after graduating in 2011. I am young and energetic with an extensive skill set, a solid work ethic, a positive attitude, and a willingness to experiment and learn.

You are welcome to check out my credentials in my resumé, which you can download here.



Email me at: mclarkedesign@gmail.com

I prefer to be contacted by email. If you need to speak to me on the phone, send me an email and I'll send you my number.

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